Saturday, November 5, 2011

Illustration Friday - Stripes

It's a rather silly drawing for illustration Friday, but when I think of stripes I think of zebras which makes me think of this sketch I've had lying around waiting to be colored. I have a tendency to do My Little Pony versions of TV/cartoon/RPG characters when I get bored and I doodled Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones ponies from Torchwood and then worked on a My Little Pony version of the tenth Doctor from Doctor Who. So, here it is, finally finished and colored.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 'Accountability' post one

So, I'm attempting NaNoWriMo with a young adult novel idea that I had tried to write last year, but failed.

Along with this, I'm setting myself a personal art goal. The idea for Andrzej and Bastian's adventures has been around for 4 years. It started out as a picture book, but very quickly let us know when we started writing it that it wasn't a picture book. So, it's been upgraded to a chapter book/middle grade novel and a good amount is getting written thanks to the chapter book writing class we're doing at RISD. A lot of writing, but not a lot of artwork. Even though it's been bumped up in age, I still want a good amount of artwork in it. So, I set myself the goal of doing one picture, doesn't matter what it is, for Andrzej and Bastian every day in November.

The main piece of artwork for yesterday and today is the revamp of Andrzej.

He needed one. In his original design (seen on the left), he was older and also a generic Polish boy.

Picking Andrzej's hometown in the story meant that his original 'costume' didn't really fit the area. Not to mention the braid had to go.

Which all led to the new Andrzej:

He doesn't fully feel like Andrzej yet to me, but the costume is at least set, even if I know the pants are going to be interesting to draw later down the road. I also need to work on getting him as geometric as his older version as that's something I stylistically want to keep, but I know that the general shape of the Gorale costume also doesn't lend itself to it as well. At least in the legs.

And as silly artwork from yesterday, a very quick sketch in pen done in class of one of the scenes in the book: